On the 18th and 19th of August 2018 spiritual team with Sacred Heart youth had a privilege to visit Kevelaer *The Place of Prayer*, to present their prayers and petitions to our Lady of Kevelaer.

Children experienced a lot on the day and were very happy to join thousands of people who gathered in this place with one purpose “ PRAYER”.

They also learned a lots about Catholic Church Culture, show that by asking questions and mingling with others of their age.

The outcome from this programme was their prayers were answered through the good results from school, and there were no problems during exams.


Their program was “ Dress The Child in need Campaign”. This this programme started with a Holy Mass by Fr Mathew CMM there after the climax of the programme.  Our children were dressed with brand new clothes and it was a very exciting moment to see that smile in children’s faces. Mrs Mdadane and the team were up and down to ensure that every child were dressed smart and presentable.   It was more than we expected they even told the children that they have a place in their hearts.

There are mothers in the world who has that genuine love for children they left everything for the benefit of our children. May the good Lord bless them and their families. 18 November 2018 was a remarkable day.

CHRISTMAS PARTY (two  function)

Every year before the end of December Holidays  our centre celebrated Christmas with all our children. There are people who made this day a successful one by donating with gifts for children Pennington people.  Secondly we had speech and prize giving day where we congratulate all who did very well during the year.

Success Story

After all this we called 2018 as the year of blessings and successful stories.

As the Director of Sacred Heart CYCC I  thank you all who made things possible for our children to celebrate. I believe that next year 2019 will be more than we expected. I wish you all a happy and blessed festive season. God Bless you!!!


Sacred Heart thank God for allowing us to begin this year on a very high volume after the very good result, our children did wonders at school.



  • Our main challenge is still there we are desperately in need of Generator as a backup when there is no electricity.
  • Hosepipe fire extinguishers is in a great demand since we are in the mist of sugarcane at least 3 of them.
  • To all local Hotels may you please with second hand fitted sheets, plane sheets, pillows because we are in great need for those.

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