About Us


Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart Child and Youth Care Centre is a residential facility that caters for 80 children and youth between ages 5-18  who are found to be children in need of care and protection according to Section 150 of the South African Children’s Act 38 of 2005.

The Centre is registered as an NPO with the Department of Social Development and caters for boys and girl who are  abused, neglected, orphaned, abandoned and HIV/AIDS infected & affected children of KZN.

In response to the challenges continually faced by children finding themselves without caring homes, and /or parents, the Dominican sisters of Newcastle established Sacred Heart Home in 1962 and handed it over to the Daughters of St Francis of Assisi in Port Shepstone. 

The Centre is housed at St Joachim’s Mission, in P 73 Sipofu Rd, Ward 14 Ndelu location, Umthwalume area under Umzumbe Municipality in KwaZulu Natal.

Over the years, the traditional closely knit families and communities that existed have been eroded by modern day society and an advancement in the quality of life for many. This has meant that the families that we had known traditionally are now unstable and no longer conducive in meeting the needs of children such as protection / safety, education, love and acceptance and a sense of belonging.

Every few hours, a child gets abused, neglected, abandoned & orphaned. This is now the reality that faces our communities and families. With our families unable to cope with these factors, the need of Child and Youth Care Centres has become more apparent in providing these needs to vulnerable and orphaned  children.

Child protection, care and safety are the core objectives of the centre.


Our Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Children’s Home is committed to the care of children and youth physically, psychologically, spiritually and academically. 

We believe in ubuntu principles and building capacity and skills of our children and youth so that they are able to play a meaningful role in their families and community. 
We prepare them through our various programmes for the reintegration to their biological or foster homes.


Our Objectives

  • To provide children with a Christian home and yet allowing freedom of religion and giving each child the affection, understanding and care which they naturally seek from those in child care.
  • To provide therapeutic treatment to children and youth.
  • To manage behavior by caring children / youth in cottages (quasi-family units)
  • Provide children with education as long as they are still with us.
  • To provide HIV/Aids awareness program and education.

Child Care

Types of Children cared for currently.

  • Orphaned
  • Abandoned
  • In need of care and protection
  • HIV/AIDS affected and infected
  • Abused emotionally, sexually and physically.
  • Outreach


Services Offered

  • Religious activities.
  • Sports and recreation.
  • Pre-adolescent and adolescent development programs.
  • Therapeutic programs. (group and individual counseling)
  • Reunification and home finding programs.
  • Community outreach programs.