Challenges for 2018

As the NGO Sacred Heart is facing a challenge on the following:

Renovation in central kitchen and build in cupboards

Generator as a backup when electricity is not working.

Fire hose pipe extinguishers x 4

Roof is in need to be changed since it is asbestos

Food parcels in preparation for reunification programme.

Since our building are very old, all windows in both units need replacement.

Build in cupboards both units.

Central kitchen floor tiling.


Recreational Activities & Sports equipment.

We believe that sports is also a big tool for therapy we therefore in need of the following:

Toys for the little ones and for their playroom to be in a child friendly manner which allows children to be playful. We have a safe park but we don’t have enough equipment so it doesn’t serves its purpose fully.

Soccer boots and pool for indoor games.

Soccer ball and netball ball.