This function is happening every year in June where by his Lordship Bishop MP Dlungwane of the diocese of Mariannhill celebrated a Holy Mass for our children, our intention was to thank God for all the support we received from different people to keep our centre going.

It is on the same day whereby the SABC Foundation came to our Centre presented their donation for the best interest of the children. Those were 4 computers, trampoline, table tennis, 16 cell phones, sanitary pads and groceries


MS Iris the Director of SABC Foundation is talking to the children telling them how special they are.

Mrs Nokuthula Mbanjwa was the channel of communication towards this programme. She is originally from this community she understands the difficulties to live in deep rural areas, she mentioned this several times in her talk taking from her experience.


Two children in front of the computers, the smile on their faces can tell that they are extremely happy to get computers as one of the most important skill they need to develop.

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