Sacred Heart CYCC were so fortunate to get school uniform for 10 children from UGu District the Mayor did the programme dress the child campaign. What a core incident because this programme came at a right time whereby UMsinsini Primary was recently changed the school uniform, and it is inconvenient to us to get school uniform now, now!

On that same moment we also received the amount of R20 000.00 for school uniform from the Missionaries of Mariannhill CMM and we managed to buy school uniform for all our children schooling at UMsinsini 28 of them all. May God bless all who made things possible for us.

School Children
School Children
School Children Shopping


After we have receiving the money for children’s winter clothing we took our children for shopping in order to skill them how to budget and also to experience to buy the clothes on their choices. What a wonderful experience.  Thanks again sisters of Peter Claver. There is a very little thing can give a smile on young people’s faces just love them.

Children Shopping


Our children were so active in playing the passion play and it was so inspiring to them as well.

Easter Play

One of our children was baptized since he is coming from Roman Catholic Family, the child concern got the permission from his relatives. Thank you Fr Mzizi accepting this young man in the house of God.



Play Sport Children
Children Playing Sports

To play is also a therapy children and staff played together in order to form a good relationship with their children. Even the social worker is the part of this therapy.


On the 23 May 2019 we had a successful AGM. This time around children were giving the report by themselves on what is going on during their staying at Sacred Heart. Our guest speaker was one of our children who is now called Junior cluster commissioner (SAPS Programme). This young lady won the Competition for two times; local municipality and in district level on the third time she got no 4 in provincial level Durban. She was so courage in addressing people on crime in honouring child protection week. This report had a living testimony

Children Report AGM
Children Report

Our dedicated staffs gives praise to God who journey with them in year 2018/2019 working for vulnerable children and youth in our care.  Without them we won’t be having such a wonderful report. Beautiful work cost us to have professional Child care Workers. This was the way to ease the stress to the young people. Well done colleagues!

CYCW Biennial Conference Durban ICC 2019
CYCW Biennial Conference Durban ICC 2019


National Association in Child Care worker had a successful Biennial Conference in KZN, our youth also participated very well. Two of them were representing our youth in youth conference and three of staff members represent our team in child and youth care work conference on the same date. This is the means of staff development.


CHALLENGES: The chairperson of the board of management address expressed deeply our biggest challenges see the following pictures:


You can see in these walls that they are story tellers without even saying many words.  I hope whoever have passionate with children’s life will help us to change this story to the positive one.

Chairperson’s address    (Sr Dominica Mkhize)

To all dear friends, benefactors, relatives and all stakeholders in our Organisation Sacred Heart.

I warmly greet you in this special year 2018/2019.

Sr Dominica Mkhize

In the sentiments of gratitude and jubilation, I like to begin by congratulating our Director Sr Cosma and her colleague Sr Michael for having reached a milestone in the religious life.  This year they celebrated their 25th Anniversary as religious professed sisters, who have freely committed themselves to serve God and humanity, especially the needy. The Sacred Heart Board of Directors, the staff, the children and community of sisters congratulate you and thank for your selfless and dedication in God’s vineyard! May God bless you with many more years.

Still in the same breath, we thank and congratulate the veterans of our Organisation Sr Venantia Shomela, Mr S T Mjoli, Mrs V Khawula and Ms Joana Gumede for their Long, faithful, dedicated passionate and loving service to Sacred Heart, and more so to the children. You made an indelible mark in the history of our organisation especially in each and every child that went through your hands. May God reward you abundantly.

Now for this address, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank God for the good year2018-2019. There has been challenging moments, yes: but there were good ones too! So which ones do we want to count! Good ones of course! The challenges had to be there for us to provide stepping stones to climb up. Please follow the account that will be laid out it the director’s report.

To all our regular benefactors and all the supporters of Sacred Heart, our organisation is where it is today because of you.  With you we stand strong and look to the future with bright eyes and with confidence.  We would like to assure you that we won’t let you down, but we will continue ministering to God’s people with generosity and love that you always give us. Please continue shouldering our organisation especially where it feels terrible weak as you always do.

At the moment Sacred Heart is facing with this challenge, among others: Sustainability.  It is our wish to make our garden more active in order to sustain the home financially. This is in view of the day to day challenges as well as structural challenges.

Right now the residents of the children are showing big signs of aging roof gutters, walls and pipes. If our garden can be elevated above the level of subsistence and be more profitable, that can assure a long        term life for the Centre and Convent. It our wish to attend these structural challenges as soon as possible before they get worse and become more expensive. We appeal to all who can offer a donation or a donation in kind, as well as ideas or piece of advice to help us achieve this goal.

We need to have a generator that will provide us with power when there is no electricity. We need phase 3 size which cost + - 278 000 excluding installation.

Renovations/ Educational needs

  • Boy’s unit need to be renovated. We need floor tiling and ablution new set.
  • Girls unit to be painted in and outside.
  • Both units need a smooth levelled yard for children to play.
  • Electric main gates both unites and in admin for security purpose.
  • Fire horse pipe extinguishers because we are surrounded by sugar cane we are at risk.
  • Plumbing system also need our attention since the building is aging.

We wish you all continued blessings in your families and communities.

Sr Dominica (Chairperson)

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